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Hunter Virtual Game - Duck hunt free shooting game
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Hunter Virtual Game - Duck hunt free shooting game
Musiquemusica Games Hunter Virtual Game - jeu virtuel de tir - chasse gratuit


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Samsung galaxy store Hunter virtual free game download
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Hello, welcome into Musiquemusica games

Come and discover, my first creation

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Prepare for the simulated wild duck hunt season.

Shoot ducks in flight, grouped or spaced, ducks are sometimes grouped and require you to be very dexterous.

Be careful not to shoot the protected ducks (swans), otherwise you will lose 500 points on your final score.

The shots of the various landscapes were taken from high definition photos, in the most beautiful mountain ranges, in Alaska, the French Alps, the Italian Alps, French lakes and seashores.

This is to increase the realism of the game.

This allows you to immerse yourself in a real hunting trip, as if you were there.

The sounds and sounds of hunting perfectly reflect the atmosphere of the real hunter, the cackling of wild ducks, the hunting dog that barks when he found game in the mountain, the howl of the wolf in the mountains, the eagle in altitude. , the grunt of the brown bear, the rain, the high wind, the snowstorm, the groundhogs.

For total immersion, plug an audio headset into the jack output of your phone, you will be amazed by the realism of the sound.

Everything is there to feel transported on a duck hunting party in a real world of mountains and water.

This game is completely free and will remain so thanks to you, it was designed with this in mind, only a few advertisements will appear, without disturbing you too much while you play.

Please remember to rate the game, putting stars and a comment, thanks in advance.

I am Develop self-taught, this is my first game, I hope you will like it and most of all that you will have fun for a long time.

Thank you have fun with Hunter virtual game - Shoot ducks


Jean-louis Semprini


Hunter Virtual Game - shoot ducks - Duck hunt

Creator Semprini Jean-louis

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