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Santa Christmas gift shooter

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Santa christmas gift shooter

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Santa Christmas gift shooter

Hello friends !

Welcome to this wonderful Christmas game sent by Santa Claus himself.

In this Christmas game you have to catch the maximum number of gifts from Santa Claus falling from the sky.

For this, you will be helped by our three heroes: two snowmen and an elf.

To move the heroes, keep your finger pressed on the chosen hero and move your finger on the screen without releasing.

To catch Santa's gifts, you have to click on the snowman with his finger, he will immediately leave, either rings or hearts that will allow you to catch the maximum number of gifts carried by Santa's sleigh.

Be careful, if the gifts or the stars touch the ground, you will lose points.

The sleigh of Santa Claus will return to the heart of the game.

Catch Santa's presents falling from his sleigh,

To do this, send love rings and hearts full of hearts to his sleigh, the gifts will fall from his sleigh, and you will earn bonuses.

Whenever you do not have enough lives, a teddy bear will descend from the sky, you have to catch it to take back bonus lives.

Have fun.

 Have fun with the family with Christmas game catch Santa claus's gifts.

Merry Christmas to everyone

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