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Come and try my first free duck hunting shooting game. Hunter virtual game is a free duck hunting simulation game, three levels possible, easy, medium and difficult. The object of the game is to shoot the ducks and achieve the best score, while avoiding shooting the ducks from protected species. Otherwise you will have -500 penalty points. It sounds simple, but it also takes a lot of control. This game is a game of skill and precision.Hunter virtual game is a simulator shooting game, hunt ducks in marvelous mountains landscapes is very easy, total imertion, pictures of very varied landscapes, Alaska, Canada, Italian, French Alps. Shoot ducks in Seven levels of hunting possible. become an hunter virtual sooter ducks. You have to shoot ducks and to be careful with protected ducks, otherwise you will lose points. Extented times allow you to acces at the top mondial classement, be the champion, number one.

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Hunter virtual game screen level 1
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