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Hunter Virtual Game classic - shoot duck hunter

Creator Semprini Jean-louis
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( HVG ) Hunter virtual game classic.
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HVG shoot duck classic - ( Hunter virtual game shoot duck classic )


Shoot duck in stunning landscapes, duck hunt sound effects, virtual duck hunter This is a duck hunting simulation game.
You can here shoot ducks in a gun shooting game, hunting ducks in wonderful mountains, lake, seaside.
The scenery is very easy, total immersion, very varied landscapes, Alaska, Canada, Italian Alps, French Alps, coast of southern France.

If you are a good virtual duck hunter shooter and accept the challenge, here is the perfect simulation for you.
Seven possible hunting levels.

Rule of the game: Start with level 1, you can access higher levels thanks to your score.

You can move the hunter with the arrow keys on your phone screen.
Shoot using the fire button, if you keep your finger on fire you can shoot in burst mode.

Activate or remove the sight by clicking on the two corresponding buttons (sight or crossed out sight).

The ducks will be bigger and easier to shoot.

You need to shoot ducks accurately and watch out for protected birds symbolized by white ducks - swans, otherwise you will lose 500 points.
Each time you lose the game, your score is saved, but you must start over from where you left off.

You can interrupt your game and resume later by clicking on ( Menu - Break ), your score and level will be memorized.

Shoot the bonus duck (duck with red; belly), it will allow you to have a time extension + a reload of your cartridges.

Each time you lose, your score will be listed in your leaderboard.

In the last screen you will find a summary of the points attributed to each type of duck.

Become the best virtual duck hunter is easy, hunter world champion, number one duck shooter.

Good game and have fun

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