Santa Christmas gift shooter

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Santa Christmas gift shooter
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Santa Christmas gift shooter


Santa Christmas gift shooter
Welcome to the enchanted world of Santa Christmas gift shooter

Immerse yourself in the festive spirit of Christmas by participating in this captivating adventure where you must save the presents falling from the sky.

In this fun and addictive game, you play as a Christmas elf whose mission is to collect as many gifts as possible before they hit the ground. But you cannot accomplish this task alone!
Fortunately, you have two magic weapons at your disposal: hearts and rings.

Use your shooting skills to launch hearts and rings towards the falling gifts.
Your precision and timing are key to achieving your goal.
Aim well and send the hearts and rings to catch them before they hit the ground.

But beware, the task will not be easy!
As you progress through the game, the speed of falling gifts will increase, challenging your reflexes.

Earn points by catching the gifts and use them to unlock exciting new levels and upgrades for your magic weapons.

Get special gifts such as glittering Christmas stars, which increase your accuracy and shooting speed.

Christmas Game Catch Santa's Gifts, offers beautiful graphics and festive soundscape for total immersion in the Christmas spirit.

Play alone or invite friends to see who can get the highest score.

Get ready to have fun and feel the magic of Christmas with Santa Christmas gift shooter.

Download it now and show off your shooting skills while spreading holiday cheer and bounty!

How to play it?

In this Christmas game, you have to catch or shoot as many Santa Claus gifts falling from the sky.
For that it is very easy, choose the goblin or a snowman, with whom you want to play.
Then click start Game
Gifts are starting to fall from the sky, you will have to send hearts or stars in their direction to catch them.
Gifts that touch the snow cause you to lose points.
Each gift you catch will earn you points.

When Santa Claus passes with his sleigh, send him lots of hearts, dozens of gifts will fall towards you, catch them and you will get bonuses.
Let yourself be transported into the magic of Christmas, this game is intended for young and old a like have fun Lots of love
Santa Clauss
Game Title : Santa Christmas gift shooter

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