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Cosmos 2150 Space battle


In Cosmos 2150 space battle, the entire universe is threatened by an unprecedented alien invasion.

Hordes of ruthless alien invaders have invaded the cosmos, devastating everything in their path and putting our galaxy in jeopardy.

As an elite space pilot, your mission is to lead the resistance and defend our cosmos against this impending threat.

Immerse yourself in endless space and engage in thrilling and intense space battles.

Take command of your futuristic warship, fully customizable and equipped with advanced technology.

Face off against waves of alien enemies, each more challenging than the last, in varying space environments, ranging from mysterious nebulae to distant planets.

The game offers an immersive experience with stunning graphics, striking visual effects, and a captivating soundtrack.

You'll find yourself immersed in the heart of the action, with spectacular explosions and intense dogfights that will get your adrenaline pumping.

You'll need to upgrade your ship, unlock new weapons and skills, recruit allies, and master strategic combat tactics to triumph over these alien invaders.

Experience the single-player adventure of Cosmos 2150 space battle.

Assert your supremacy in space and become the best pilot in the galaxy.

Get ready to embark on an epic adventure, where you will have to push the limits of your piloting skills, your strategy and your courage.

The future of our cosmos rests in your hands. Are you up for the challenge and save our galaxy from alien invasion in Cosmos 2150 space battle?

How to play Cosmos 2150 space battle?

Three difficulty levels: Easy, Medium and Hard

Three possible spaceships, select which you prefer.

Click Start Game.

To shoot the alien spaceships, click on the spaceship with your finger

To move the spaceship, rub the screen with your finger, the spaceship will follow your finger.

Avoid enemy fire.

When your lives are too low, a survival spaceship will appear, you have to shoot it and your life will be incremented and you will earn points.

Change your weapons by shooting the spinning spaceship.

Watch out for general spaceships, they fire a lot of rockets but can be destroyed, increase fire on them.

History of Cosmos 2150 space battle, shooting aliens galactic war:

From the most distant cosmos to the edge of our galaxy, certain space invaders (extraterrestrials) have always been the main fear of modern man.

The space battle is not a utopia.

The theory that space invaders (extraterrestrials) would one day come from another galaxy to invade our galaxy and the neighboring planets of the earth would be more than likely.

Detail of your space battle mission:

You are in command of the flagship, the best armed, you are the best pilot known to date, the best space shooter, your mission is to shoot, shoot, shoot and destroy as many alien spaceships as possible, your score will be the best way to know your progress and victory, shooting score will offer you new weapons to better shoot space invaders, (aliens)

The space war has begun, we are counting on you and your dexterity to relentlessly fight these alien ships.

Commander of the cosmos 2150 international space shooter

Space battle or space battle mission against aliens

End of battle mission

Good luck.


Cosmos 2150 space battle, shoot aliens

Creator Semprini Jean-louis

© All rights reserved 2021

Copyright with Fidealis


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